for buy iptv server is to easy


iptv 1 month cost 10 euro

iptv 3 months cost 18 euro

iptv 6 months cost 25 euro

iptv 12 months cost  only 35 euro “The regular price is 45 euro


in 2 step
1- use one of the address to, send litecoin


1#  ltc1q53r5q3x89lsm2cmw4tl6h2dpaygye6juk2q22p

2#  ltc1q0qvkeftw7z0frs4z6faxvfwmqn3a4j9cmy7k9h

3#  ltc1qkkp2fud6jejyzhskyu4ywwdqlz34rlguwkv9ft


2- visit and use your sepa bank or credit bank to poruch litceoin


after that contact us by email with your address  you used to send bitcoin

or open support ticket from her or contact us in live chat
example of messag:

I paid for 12 months and used wallet address #2

after that we will contact you and send you your server info

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